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Wedded Bliss

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One week ago, the Scottish fiance became the Scottish husband!

The wedding and planning and visas and details consumed my life, so you can understand why this blog has suffered.  That will hopefully turn around quickly, especially since I will (hopefully) soon be ensconced back in Scotland with my wonderful husband in wedded domestic bliss.

In book-related news, I got one gift for the wedding that was certainly for me, and certainly awesome.

I have actually had the gift for a few months, as my wonderful friend Heather was too excited to hold on to it any longer.  I opted to open it after the wedding, as it should be, and was delighted to find that it was not knitted lingerie (This expectation was due to the fact that I watched Heather’s sister knit lingerie once and I only assumed that the knitting-gene would pass on to the sister).  The gift was in fact a 10th anniversary copy of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods!  I was pretty excited.  I was even more excited when I opened the book:

That’s right. Neil Gaiman wished me congrats on my wedding.  You can all commence jealousy . . . now.

P.S.  As a sort of wedding present to myself, I’ve upgraded the blog to  WordPress should redirect all of you, but you know, just for kicks remember it.