I do have a sort-of schedule that I follow, but I am always welcome to suggestions.  These suggestions also include books that you as a writer or publisher would like me to review.  If you are reading my blog, it seems only fair that I review something that you want to read about.

Want to make a suggestion or do you have a book that you’d like me to review?  I read pretty much anything, except for poetry, most science fiction, and horror.  I especially love crime fiction, YA, and fantasy.  As the title of this blog suggests, I really only want to read fiction for the site.  If you want me to review something, please email me at breathingfiction at gmail .com or contact me on Twitter: @breatheFiction.

I live in the States, if that affects what you would like me to review.  I honestly prefer to read eBooks.  I have a Kindle, so I can read review copies of anything that is Kindle compatible.  While I welcome physical copies of novels, I know that postage is expensive and my personal space is limited.

I’m not just saying that I’ll review a book if you give me the copy.  If you’re making a suggestion for the site as simply a reader, I will read the book as long as I can get it at my local library.  I really want to make this blog more interactive and feel less like someone who is just bouncing around from book to book, hoping that they will interest two or three other people.  I think if you guys start making some recommendations of books I should read, that will garner a lot more interest than my own ideas.

I hope this all makes sense, and I look forward to suggestions!  Thanks again for reading and commenting!


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