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2012 Goals and the Aforementioned Classics Group

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It is that time of year when we sit down and evaluate how we want to improve ourselves over the course of the next few months.  Though New Years’ resolutions are often forgotten and put aside, I for one am going to strive to my personal best to not drop the ball, at least where my blog is concerned.  So without further ado, below are my goals for this year.

Resolutions for Breathing Fiction:

  • Read one book for review each week.
  • Listen to one audiobook per month.
  • Find two movies worthy of review per month.  And review them.
  • Tweet more consistently.
  • Present one author spotlight per every two weeks.

These are very attainable goals I think, and having written them down, I am much more likely to obtain them.  My own personal goals include writing two to three academic papers this year, taking the GRE (blech), and having the most put-together PhD application ever.

Also this year, I along with a few friends, are embarking upon a journey of sorts.  We will be hosting an online book club titled The Aforementioned Classics Group.  While the name of the group may seem a little strange, it makes sense to those of us who are involved and blogging.  You can catch my personal introduction, along with the introduction to our group and our book list for 2012.  We seem to have voted on some rather daunting choices, so there may be a couple of months where the only book I manage to read is the one for the group.  Follow our posts, meet the other members, and get started on January’s selection – Thomas More’s Utopia.

2012 should prove to be a very literary year!