Author Facts

Though I am trying to keep this page semi-anonymous (friends and family will undoubtedly know it’s me), I figure it can’t hurt to share a little about me.  And my credentials, of course.

  • I grew up in Kansas.  I am NOT a hick. Not really, anyway.
  • I have always had a very vivid imagination.
  • I love alliteration (see countless posts and tweets for proof).
  • I have always had a book in hand (Cliche alert!).
  • My favorite genres are Crime Fiction and Fantasy.  I could very well be bi-polar.  Or so the voices tell me.
  • I received a BA in English from BYU, emphasizing in Creative Writing and Scottish Fiction.
  • I earned my MLitt (Master of Literature) in Modern Scottish Writing from the University of Stirling in Scotland.
  • I consequently love literary theory.
  • And Scotland.
  • I will probably have to work pretty hard not to recommend tons of Scottish books.
  • I may have an unhealthy obsession with Ian Rankin and DI Rebus.
  • My fiance is Scottish.  Actually from Scotland. With the accent and everything.
  • I love various forms of folktales and mythologies.
  • I am a comic book nerd, but don’t worry, I won’t review those here.
  • I might review a few comic book movies, though . . . .
  • I plan to spend my life writing.
  • I love cats.

Now that you know some eclectic facts about me, you can enter into my posts with a little more background.  And if you have trouble following a post, please comment and tell me.  I tend to forget my readers are not living inside my head, too.


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    The Inspector Rebus Series | Breathing Fiction said:
    August 15, 2011 at 11:26 PM

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