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There has been a lot of interesting things in book news this week, from a little girl publishing her own picture book to Chinua Achebe’s sad passing.  I’ve rounded up a few links that I thought you all might be interested in.

First off, Lauren is an 11 year-old fifth grader who used Kickstarter to get her first picture book published and illustrated.  How amazing is it that one, there’s an avenue that she and her parents could use to fund this, and two that at 11 she is so motivated to get her writing out there.  I was similar at her age, and wrote a couple of picture books in second grade that my teacher laminated, but I never thought to be so young and do something about my writing.  I love stories like this where young kids are pursuing their dreams, so excited to share their talents.  It’s also a great motivator to the rest of us who want to write that we should get our butts in gear and just do it.

Chinua AchebeSecond, I was sad to hear today that Chinua Achebe passed away.  I, like many others, was introduced to Things Fall Apart when I was in high school, and while I found it to be not the easiest read, I was transfixed by this world that we tend to neglect and know so little about. Achebe was 82 and his influence will continue to shape African English writing.

PersepolisAm I the only one who thinks the Persepolis “ban” in Chicago schools is a bit overblown?  After all, choosing not to teach a book in 7th grade doesn’t mean a book is banned, it just means the kids might be a bit young for some of the subject matter.  I haven’t had a chance to read Persepolis, but can’t teachers decide they might want to raise the age-level of those learning the book?  Maybe the method of the school district was a bit over much, removing the books from classrooms, but when it’s still available from the libraries, I don’t really call this a banning, just a reassessment.

It was announced this week that both current ABC hit “Once Upon a Time” and 90s darling “Clarissa Explains it All” are getting turned into books (Clarissa‘s will be a book sequel).  I know movies sometimes do novelisation tie-ins, but this is the first I’ve heard of a TV show.  I’m not sure I’m crazy about the idea in general, but I am sort of excited for both of these projects.  What do you think? Should more TV series get the novel treatment, or do you think it just feels odd to have the adaptation cycle a bit reversed?  (I think it’s a bit odd.)


One thought on “A Few Links for Friday

    Lauren Fleming said:
    March 25, 2013 at 7:49 PM

    It’s a shame about Achebe, I loved Things Fall Apart. Also, Buffy and Doctor Who both have books that I am assuming came after their respective T.V. shows were already on the air. I do think it’s a bit strange to do that too, though.

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