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Writing AppsAs our virtual writing group closes up today (don’t forget to sign up or email me at breathingfiction at or contact me through the Facebook page for questions), I was thinking of the different things I’m already using to help my writing along, and those things that I want to start using to help.  One thing that I have become increasingly dependent on is my Galaxy SIII.  Sure, I prefer taking notes in an actual notebook (I’m a bit OCD, too, where the notebook has to reflect the story or MC) and I write using Scrivener, but I often have my phone and not the other things I need.  To digitize and make things easier, I started using a few apps and I want to share my favorite writing apps with you.

Name GeneratorThe first one I’ve been using for years.  It’s called Name Generator and it does just what it says.  Select a country/language of name origin, choose male, female, or both, and select how many results you want.  It’s really simple, but I can’t tell you how many characters I’ve named with the help of this thing.  I often can’t think of what name works, but I have an idea of how I want it to sound.  Since it also gives you first and last names, you can mix and match to find the right combination.  I personally love it especially for side characters.  It’s fast and you can have endless results.



WriteOMeterI have been looking for a motivation tool to help me write.  While it’d be nice to have on my laptop, so many windows open, etc just distracts me.  I found WriteOMeter though and I love it.  If you put it on a timer, it’s mean to you and reminds you to keep writing.  It helps you set daily word count goals, project word count goals, and you can even put in a goal date for finishing.  I think this is going to especially come in handy when the virtual group gets in full swing.




WriterLast but not least is Writer.  It’s a fairly straightforward smartphone word processor, but it works really well.  You can have lists, numbered lists, and other formatted niceties that a normal phone memo pad misses out on.  This has already come in handy for me to jot notes down on the train/bus when I don’t have my notebook(s) on me.  If I get a mini-bluetooth keyboard, it’s going to be even more helpful.




Do you have a favorite app to help with your creative writing process?  What is it?



One thought on “Awesome Creative Writing Apps

    Lyss Dean said:
    April 1, 2013 at 11:46 PM

    Evernote! I love that it syncs across all my devices, so I can type up something I my phone and access it from my desktop later.

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