Hobbit Read Along – Links to Recaps

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Links to Hobbit RecapsI know many of you have been unable to follow along completely with our read along, and that’s perfectly fine.  Others may have hoped to read the entire novel, and either fell behind the pace or were too busy to even begin.  Since the movie is out tomorrow, now is the perfect time to skim through our recaps!  Each chapter is detailed with all of the major events and even some small, interesting details relayed.

The movie ends after chapter 6, so feel free to only catch up to there if you like.  I have listed chapter titles with each chapter as well, to help you put numbers with events.  Feel free to also use the recaps after you watch the movie.  Not that the movie should be word for word what’s in the book, but we all will wonder about this or that part and how is that different from the book.  Enjoy your Hobbit cliff-notes!

The HobbitChapter List and Chapter Recaps

Chapter 1 – An Unexpected Party

Chapter 2 – Roast Mutton

Chapter 3 – A Short Rest

Chapter 4 – Over Hill and Under Hill

Chapter 5 – Riddles in the Dark

Chapter 6 – Out of the Frying Pan – Into the Fire

Chapter 7 – Queer Lodgings

Chapter 8 – Flies and Spiders

Chapter 9 – Barrels Out of Bond

Chapter 10 – A Warm Welcome

Chapter 11 – On the Doorstep

Chapter 12 – Inside Information

Chapter 13 – Not at Home

Chapter 14 – Fire and Water

Chapter 15 – The Gathering of Clouds

Chapter 16 – A Thief in the Night

Chapter 17 – The Clouds Burst

Chapter 18 – The Return Journey

Chapter 19 – The Last Stage


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