How Do You Read?

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Last week, someone walked up to me while I was reading and started trying to chat with me.

That sentence could very well be the start of a crime fiction or mass murder novel.  After all, you bother me while I am reading and you best be ready for the violent attack.

Ok, maybe it is not as dramatic as that, but bothering me while reading is perhaps the most cardinal sin.  This got me thinking about what different habits I have when I read, favorite spots for reading, and even favorite music.  For me, the best spot to read is a corner in my grandparents’ house in Logan, Utah.  Since both of my grandparents have passed away, I have to settle for whatever blanket and comfy chair I can get my hands on (or, I suppose more appropriately, get my butt in).  I no longer like music playing in the background, as I find it a bit too much of a distraction when I read, though at one time in my life I would put on whatever album was new and listen to it on repeat.  This is why whenever I hear a Creed song (please forgive me for my fourteen year-old horrible taste in music) I automatically think of Dickens and Great Expectations.  Now though, if it’s not silence I prefer instrumental music.  Less words trying to occupy my mind.  And yes, if you try to bother me while I am reading, I am likely to become as quick to anger as Bruce Banner.

Do you have any interesting reading habits?  Do you have a special spot, favorite snack, or favorite music to listen to while you read?


One thought on “How Do You Read?

    Margaret VanSkiver said:
    August 17, 2012 at 10:27 PM

    The truth here, my dear daughter, is that you tried to steal MY reading corner in my parents’ house. I spent many a summer day in that corner with the breeze blowing through the front door, and winter evening with the heat vent keeping me warm while reading Poe, Dickens, & Austen. It was also my favorite place to take a nap. I miss that corner……….

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