NaNoWriMo Follow Up

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If you were paying any attention in the month of November, you’re probably wondering what happened to NaNoWriMo.  I had been doing very well, a little ahead of target for the first week and a half.  I knew that it was going to be harder to write once my fiance came for Thanksgiving, but I planned to be ahead so I could write a little less.  I missed a day because of other activities, but didn’t think it would get me behind.

And then, the tease by the immigration people came.

You see, our first half of the process took five months to get approved.  Long story short, my little brother decided to join the Air Force (yay!), but his basic training date is in January, a whole lot earlier than we really expected.  So we made some appeals to get the process moving faster.  About the second week, it did.  The first half got approved.  We were now hoping that we could work with the embassy where Paul is so that he could get the necessary interview quickly and in the country to be married before January.  And honestly it would have been possible, but the two and a half week delay from them killed all hope.  The temporary euphoria and idea that we needed to plan a wedding by December 30th-ish killed NaNoWriMo.  Oh well.

GinnyI also got a cute cat.  Her name is Ginny and she is adorable.  And if you know Harry Potter, you understand the name.  Good thing the fiance didn’t realize where the name came from when he agreed to it. Ha Ha.

The more space I get from NaNo, the more I wish I had planned out better anyway.  I like the book I was going to write, but I’m not sure if it’s one I want to finish right now.  I have other ideas floating in my head that are begging for words and pages, and I have to figure out how to give voices to all of them.  In a way, I guess it’s ok that I couldn’t finish this year.  Maybe I’ll have my own NaNo in January or something.  Or just a plan to write more often than I am doing now.

I want to apologize that the blog kind of died there for awhile.  Even without a December wedding, we have been deciphering immigration legalese and trying to plan my brother’s wedding next week (that is another story all together).  Also, I switched to a new iPod Touch and for the longest time could not figure out how to get audiobooks on it.  I swear that it was the dumbest thing that stumped me the longest.

Here’s to more time to devote to reading great (and sometimes mediocre) novels.



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