NaNoWriMo – Day 2

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Today was easy to start out with, and then the writing got a little harder.  This of course was partially because I was impeded by a mid-session phone call with my fiancee, but it was also because I just hit a harder point in my novel.  I have two narrators, a brother and sister, and so far I have just written from the one narrator. I haven’t figured out what the opening line is going to be for David, my second narrator, so right now Emma is in full charge of the novel.

I’m using Scrivener to write the novel (did I mention that already? I can’t remember.)  I really like Scrivener.  I can jump around, reorder scenes, and work on something that might be later in the book.  With Word, you don’t get that kind of flexibility.  It’s very linear.  This, however, is so flexible that I don’t have to worry about the order of anything that I’m writing.  I can see that later in the novel, this might be confusing, but hey, I like it right now.

My word count today keeps me ahead of the goal (1,809).

These posts may not be daily, but we’ll see how I get on.

Word Count: 4,138



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