Grimm – Pilot

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Grimm posterNetwork: NBC
Day/Time: Fridays 9/8C
Premiere Date: 10/28

Main Cast:

David Giuntoli – Nick Burckhardt
Russell Hornsby – Hank Griffin
Bitsie Tulloch – Juliette Silverton
Silas Weir Mitchell – Eddie Monroe

Nick, a detective, gets a call to investigate a murder.  A young woman was torn to shreds in a park.  Originally they think it could have been an animal attack, but Nick and his partner, Hank, find a boot print at the scene.  Now they know they are on the lookout for a crazed killer.  Nick plans on proposing to his girlfriend soon, but he starts to see strange things, people’s faces change, and he can’t figure out what it is.  When his aunt shows up unexpectedly, she tells him that he is a Grimm.  Nick can see the fairy tale creatures that can hide from the rest of us, and he must hunt them or they will hunt him.  It doesn’t take long for him to realize that the murderer he’s chasing is something other than human.

I was almost as excited for this show as I was for “Once Upon a Time”.  I have always loved fairy tales, and the modern take has always been an interesting one for me.  So when “Grimm” was announced a few months ago, I was obviously excited.  I wish I could say it lived up to my expectations.  As more news leaked of the pilot, I knew that some critics weren’t as enthusiastic.  I agree with EW’s Ken Tucker that as long as “Grimm” avoids turning into a police procedural with fairy tale baddies, it could be really interesting.  The problem is I can see it easily falling into that trap.  Sure, fairy tale creatures such as the big bad wolves are more interesting than a normal psychopath, but there are enough CSIs and Law and Orders on our television screens.

While there were good moments (Wolf Eddie busting through a window at Nick just to warn him of his strength, then inviting him in for a beer), there were also some really unreasonable moments.  The worst for me was when Hank shoots our wolf murderer in the back multiple times as he’s running away without a weapon.  And at this point, they weren’t even sure if he had kidnapped the girl they were looking for.  (Bonus points to watchers if they noticed the Wolf Postman Murderer was Harold Krenshaw in “Monk”)  What I know of police procedures, you don’t shoot an unarmed man, you don’t shoot someone who’s running away, and you don’t shoot if you’re not even sure he’s guilty.  Honestly, as small a thing as this is, it took me out of the show and made it harder for me to enjoy it.  You as viewers know that he kidnapped the little girl, but Hank wasn’t even sure.  I guess if you watched it and had a different opinion, let me know.

I will say that the show is worth tuning in for a few more episodes.  This is aided by the fact that it’s on after “Chuck”, which if you’re not watching, you should be.  But really, “Grimm” was interesting and could continue to grow into itself and deepen with its mythology.  Nick’s aunt in particular has the potential to be a really intriguing character.  Let’s hope it finds its legs and builds upon its strengths.

Rating: 6.5/10

P.S. Bonus points to the gorgeous green scenery.  Makes me miss Scotland.


2 thoughts on “Grimm – Pilot

    Shauna Malia Ikahihifo said:
    October 30, 2011 at 4:02 AM

    I really appreciate that the aunt isn’t just a “messenger” character. It would’ve really sucked had she died right after the attack leaving Nick to clumsily discover his new identity as a “Grimm”. Given that the producers of the series were also the producers of Buffy & Angel, I continue to have high hopes. If anything, the make-up/effects/weapons have been pretty cool so far. On another note… wasn’t Once Upon a Time just AMAZING?!

    Darkcobra said:
    November 13, 2011 at 3:54 PM

    I actually read this article after searching on google to see if i was the only one which was shocked at the ending’s shooting of the bad guy

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