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Perhaps the greatest thing the internet provides (besides cat videos) is connectivity.  Now we can access all sorts of knowledge quickly and efficiently, and even book groups are being reformed.  While the traditional book group with a few friends and some snacks is always fun, it certainly limits who can participate (geography is, after all, key).  Online book groups are growing in popularity, giving us book lovers a way to discuss and share our ideas on certain books even if we’re miles away.

I’d like to help introduce Scottish Book Trust’s endeavor, Book Talk.  Aimed at Scots but of course open to the rest of the world, Book Talk aims to be a vast online community where readers can come together and discuss their favorite works. Featuring podcast discussions, author interviews, linked reviews, and more, Book Talk will engage readers of all backgrounds across Scotland and beyond.

This month’s program opens with The Borrower by Rebecca Makkai, a freshman novel that has just enough controversy to get the discussions rolling.  The Borrower focuses on Lucy, a small-town children’s librarian who wants to help “save” her favorite patron.

Though starting with an American novel, Book Talk “will feature books from a broad range of genres, from both new and established authors, with a particular focus on books by writers based in Scotland.”  (Quoted from Book Talk’s press release)  Tune into their Twitter feed @BookTalk_SBT or like them on Facebook  to join Scotland’s national book club.

Happy reading!


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