Bloody Scotland – My Dream Festival

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Bloody Scotland

Last year, I attended a couple of events at Stirling’s Off the Page literature festival.  This is where I was able to meet Denise Mina, and got to be thrilled when she was touched by my heavily marked up copy of Garnethill (instead of freaked out, which I sort of expected).

The UK is awash with great literary festivals, and I watched my Twitter feed jealously as fellow bloggers got the attend the Edinburgh festival especially.  I honestly could not tell you if we had anything resembling these great literary festivals where I am in the States.  Of course, there are ones in New York, but that’s the publishing mecca.  Of course you would have that.  But here in the middle of the country, well, we’re a little neglected when it comes to author visits.

This post isn’t to beg for famous authors to come to my area, but rather to say Huzzah to a newly-announced festival.

Bloody Scotland will run Sept. 14-16, 2012.  Hopefully it’s the first in a long run, because they are celebrating CRIME FICTION.  So excited.  And makes so much sense for Scotland.  I might not be able to be there for the actual festival itself, but I am hoping for podcasts and lots of blog posts to get me somewhat connected.  Of course, I make several trips to Scotland, so we can just set this time aside as one of those visits.  I’m sure my fiance will be thrilled when I tell him why (he does read the blog at times, so I guess he’ll read this.  Maybe).

Ian Rankin helped make the announcement today, and I spent most of this lunch hour going over the details.  Honestly, I cannot wait to see what the schedule will be like and which authors will come.  I’m sure they said something about it, but so far I’m working off of 140 characters or less for my news.  Oh Twitter.  Blessing and a curse.

Now let’s just hope the planets and stars align so that I can be in Stirling next year.  To see old friends, walk around the old uni (I got my MLitt from Uni of Stirling, who is working with Bloody Scotland from what I understand), and to see the authors.  Ok, mostly to see the authors.  Let’s be honest.

(And for those that read closely, no I do not eat lunch at 5pm – I just set a delay publish option sometimes because it’s fun.  And more people will be browsing for blogs after work.  Though the timed publish thing is often late . . . wordpress grrr.)


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    June 11, 2012 at 1:41 PM

    […] about my impending visit to Bloody Scotland, I was imagining finally seeing (and maybe meeting) Ian […]

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