Pilot – Up All Night

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Network: NBC
Day/Time: Wednesdays 8E/7C
Premiere Date: September 14

Main Cast:

Christina Applegate – Reagan
Will Arnett – Chris
Maya Rudolph – Ava

This new sitcom focuses on trials that new parents face, except that it’s reversed a lot of the regular sitcom tropes.  Reagan goes back to work as a producer after her maternity leave ends, with her husband of 7 years Chris staying home with baby daughter Amy.  That’s right, the woman works while the guy stays home.  To give the show a little bit of diversity, Ava is Reagan’s talk-show host boss who has a larger than life personality.  Reagan and Chris must navigate their old lives while having this new little one to take care of.

Let me just start out by saying that I love Will Arnett, and he does not disappoint.  He’s a bit toned down from his normal acting, and his confusion over his new identity as “Dad” is fantastic.    Some of the resenting statements that we are used to, as television watchers, seeing come out of the wife now come out of the husband.  It’s really a simple switch, and yet that alone is striking and feels new.  Plus, Will Arnett has always been a fantastic whiner.

This show definitely has that zany feel to it, helped along by Maya Rudolph.  She was very over-the-top and goofy.  It actually bugged me at first, but her character felt more relaxed by the end of the episode.  Or maybe I just got used to her.

I loved all of the little sleep-deprived bickering scenes, but what gets me is Reagan and Chris’s love for their new baby girl.  They try to be good parents, but you know that they will lose patience in parts because real parents lose their patience.  I suppose this show feels a bit more real to me because Christina Applegate just had her first child, and Will Arnett has two kids with his wife Amy Pohler.  These are actors that know about being new parents, and that dimension just adds a little bit for me.

Overall, I thought it was funny.  Not laugh-out-loud all of the time, but the characters are interesting.  The pilot did feel a little disjointed, but I know they did some reshoots, so that probably lends to the feeling.  We’ll see how the next few episodes turn out before I can make any real judgement on whether the series is worth watching week after week.

Rating: 7/10


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