Pilot – Free Agents

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Free AgentsNetwork: NBC
Day/Time: Wednesdays 8:30/7:30C
Premiere Date: 9/14

Main Cast

Hank Azaria – Alex
Kathryn Hahn – Helen
Anthony Head – Stephen

Hank Azaria plays Alex, a recently divorced PR executive who, after a drunken night, falls into bed with his coworker Helen.  Except she’s lost her fiance to heart disease a year before.  Neither of them feel ready for any kind of relationship, and yet they keep feeling drawn towards one another.  Their boss and coworkers pressure Alex to move on and get in the dating scene and have no idea that the relationship is budding between the two.  Based on the UK series of the same name.

Quick judgement – ehhh.  I watched because I like Hank Azaria, but the first five minutes were far cruder than I liked.  It got better, but for me it is frustrating for a TV show relationship to start with sex.  Do people have no morals?  Granted, Hollywood also way over does the will they won’t they thing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t build the show off of something else.  Now, watching Alex’s nervousness over having to go on a date (set up by a male coworker) and having to change the way he dressed provided some laughs.  Anthony Head (who I really know best as Uther in BBC 1’s Merlin) also said some pretty hilarious things, made even more so by his straight delivery.

The other coworkers were obnoxious.  If you watch the American Office you know that there are some strange people that work there, but they are oddly endearing.  With Free Agents, however, I just wanted them thrown out of the show.  Emma the assistant especially bugged me.  I think she was supposed to be sassy, but really she was simply irritating.

I’ll tune in for episode two to see if the show gains its legs.  Right now though, it’s not my cup of tea.  5/10 (Only because I did laugh a couple times.)


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