To New Beginnings

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The first post of a blog is always the hardest to write.  You have an entirely blank slate, and hardly anything to say.

Well, you must have something to say since you have started a blog.  But suddenly, trying to put words on the page seems presumptuous.

The point of this blog is to discuss works of fiction.  While I will primarily focus on novels, I will branch out to include movies and television shows as well.  For me, it is the art of the story that remains so fascinating.  Not currently being in school, I have found that I need that outlet of discussion.  Not only that, but I love to talk about books and I would love a way to connect with others who feel the same.

My fiction choices will undoubtedly be a bit schizophrenic to say the least, and I will not stick to one genre.  But I will try to write mostly about books that I loved (with a few scathing pieces of criticism thrown in for good measure, of course).

I do plan on asking friends to write on the blog as well.  After all, my views are entirely biased and one-sided.  If you are interested in contributing, please let me know.


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